Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Farr's new home!

The story continues....

As Daryl has kindly agreed to the offer I made on "Sacre Bleu" I feel it is only my duty to keep up with the Jones's and continue to Blog about the boat and what its up to. As this is my 1st attempt at blogging I hope to give regular updates, one can never tell!!!

Going to pick the boat up from Daryl's sailing club on Thursday with fellow Farr enthusiast Ben Brown. Can't wait to see what excitement waits on the M25 as we try to take it on at 5pm!

Then its back to mine for 2 weeks (due to tide issues) where one of two little jobs need to be done (Thankfully Daryl has left the list on his blog site) before going for a sail.

Made 1st contact with Dave Barker the other Uk Farr owner and we have started to talk about a blast weekend soon.


  1. Congratulations Ewan, I hope you enjoy 'him' as much as I did.

    'I will be back'.

  2. I hope so! I am counting on it! We only need one more boat and we could have a nationals!!!!!